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R10,000 Champagne winner!

The winner of the R10 000 magnum of Champagne Louis Roederer Cristal 2005 is the very lucky Daniela Herzsprung with the winning ticket number: 0244.

Celebrity chef, Jenny Morris, draws the winning ticket

Celebrity chef, Jenny Morris, draws the winning ticket

The draw for this treasure was done by celebrity chef, Jenny Morris, on 31 December in the dying hours of 2015.

Daniela came to buy the ticket when she was out Christmas shopping for her sister’s husky puppy and cats. “It seemed like a fortuitous opportunity at the time,” Daniela says, “to be able to combine my support of animal welfare and my love of Champagne by buying a TEARS Animal Rescue-Champagne raffle ticket.”

The bottle of rare Champagne was donated by Glen Trueb of The Barefoot Concept Store in the Cape Quarter, Somerset Road, Cape Town. Glen wanted to help in some way to save so many cats and dogs who quickly become exhausted and worn out, mentally and physically, from overbreeding although little more than kittens or puppies themselves. Glen’s humble response to the opportunities he has given TEARS to relieve this suffering, is, “It’s been a pleasure to help.”

This very special raffle raised R25 870, every cent of which will be put into TEARS Animal Rescue’s Pay-for-a-Spay campaign, helping in no small measure to further the organisation’s sterilisation efforts in impoverished communities of the southern peninsula, as well as sterilising neglected feral cats through the organisation’s Feral Cat Project.

Raffle 1
The raffle

The raffle also served to raise awareness of the work TEARS does to relieve animal suffering throughout the Western Cape.

Daniela Herzsprung has plans for her exquisite Champagne: “I have a new car on the way, and when it arrives, my family and I will toast the arrival with a glass of Champagne Louis Roederer!”

We hope Daniela and her family will enjoy every bubble.

Our deep gratitude goes to Glen for his generosity and continued support of our work.


Inspiring animal heroes of tomorrow

TEARS held its first new-format Learner Community Service workshop on the morning of 17 December at its Lekkerwater headquarters. The group of learners, ranging in age from 15 to 18 years, learned more about the work the animal welfare organisation is doing and got some hands-on experience in the less glamorous aspects of caring for more than 150 dogs at any given time; by washing dishes, and hanging out blankets.

Once the more pressing chores had been seen to, the learners were able to interact with the dogs in their kennels, helping to socialise and groom a number of individuals still busy with their journey of rehabilitation from lives of neglect, abuse or abandonment.

With a good dose of TLC out of the way, they headed back to the visitors’ centre for biscuits and something cold to drink. Each learner was encouraged to think about the basic freedoms all animals should enjoy, and steps that can be taken to change attitudes with the purpose of creating societies that properly care for their animals. They were able to write about, or illustrate, their experience of a rescued animal or how to go about being part of the solution to the challenges facing animal welfare.

Ocean View holiday club

Five days later, TEARS headed off to the Ocean View Multi-Purpose Centre to talk to a large group of holiday club children about the responsibility of care that humans owe the animals who share their lives.

Carina – a gorgeous combination of Pointer, Border Collie and Labrador – came along to help us illustrate what a well-cared for and happy dog looks like. She sat quietly, despite feeling a few nervous jitters of her own, no doubt, as the children were taught how to approach a dog, give her a treat, how to read basic body language and when it’s best not to approach a dog.

Carina 1Then Carina demonstrated to the children how every animal should have the freedom to express normal behaviour, by chasing a tennis ball around the hall, prancing, running and pouncing, much to the children’s delight.

Carina gets a gold star

Carina is still waiting for someone to come along and offer her the home she deserves. Our behaviourist has this to say about this wonderful girl:

“Affection level: Cuddle Champion! Carina greets people with a huge smile and an outstretched paw, ready for a friendly shake. She was adopted as a young pup but sadly returned as she wasn’t the right fit for her previous family. Carina is a responsive, athletic and charming girl, who is keen to please, housetrained and walks well on lead. While she enjoys playing with canine friends while out on walks, she’d really enjoy a home where she can be the centre of attention and not have any other four-legged siblings to steal the spotlight – Carina has all the love and loyalty you’ll ever need! Her dreams are filled with wishes of a family and belly rubs from a person of her very own. Could you teach this smart girl what second chances are all about?” Meet Carina.

Heroes needed

Ocean View has been around since 1968 when it was set up as a township for coloured people who had been forcibly removed from the so-called “white areas” of Simon’s Town, Noordhoek, Red Hill and Glencairn, by the former government under the Group Areas Act. The choice of name was ironic, since many of its residents had been removed from their previous sea-side homes and views. More about Ocean View.

Heros 1As the TEARS team drove out of the township, it was obvious that there were many dogs, roaming the streets, in need of care. TEARS continues to be the source of relief for the dogs and cats in this area whose guardians are often unable to provide them with so much as a deworming tablet. Our mobile clinics offer basic health care in Ocean View on these days:

Monday 10.00 – 10:30  (next to Civic Centre)

Monday 10:40 – 11:00 (Lapland – next to Jehovah’s Witness Hall)

Wednesday 10:00 – 10:30 (Juniper Road – next to graveyard)

Wednesday 10:40 – 11:00 (Mountain View entrance)

Sunday 11:30 – 12:30 (next to Civic Centre)

For the dates and times of our next Learner Community Service workshop, please

The work we do in Ocean View is dependent solely on public donations. If you are able to support

our work to bring relief to animals in distress please DONATE NOW.

Horace the hyrax


So you thought TEARS Animal Rescue was all about dogs and cats?

Read this gorgeous rescue story involving the adventures of TEARS’ founder, Marilyn Hoole, and a Hyrax called Horace.


Christmas cake raffle winner!

TEARS is thrilled to announce the winner of its Christmas Cake Raffle Competition.

Mr Bruce Tait, who lives in Kommetjie, is the lucky person who gets to take home this exceptionally beautiful cake. A delighted Mr Tait said, “This is the first time I’ve ever won anything in my life. So I’m doubly thrilled that I’ve won the cake and that I could help the cause, even in a small way. TEARS does such wonderful work for animals in the Cape Peninsula and beyond.”

Cake 1The cake was created by Grace Stevens, award-winning decorator, owner of Cupcakes by Design, and member of the South African Cake Decorators Guild.

The raffle competition raised just over R6,000 which will be put towards rising costs over the festive season as we continue to help animals in distress 24/7.

Our congratulations to Brian Tait and his family, as well to the lovely Grace Stevens and most-generous South African Cake Decorators Guild.

A very merry Christmas to the Tait Family and all who took part in our 2015 Christmas Cake Raffle – you just might be the winner next year!


Happy Tails Box sets tails wagging

Happy TrailsWe’re excited to announce that the Happy Tails Box is now available for discerning pet owners throughout South Africa, and TEARS Animal Rescue is set to benefit from a percentage of the sales of these gorgeous gift boxes.

Imagine this scenario: You need to send a gift to a person, but what do you give to someone who has almost everything they need? What you do know is that they are crazy about their dog or cat. Or perhaps you are in a vet shop. You are conscious of what you buy for your pet, but there’s so much to choose from and how do you know if it’s something your dog or cat will like? How much does the shop assistant know about the product? Is the product safe for your pet?

The pet obsessed team at Happy Tails have taken the guess work out of the equation – from heavy chewers to special allergies, they hand-pick the finest product offerings for your peace of mind; items that your pet will love.

What is the Happy Tails Box?

Happy Box 1For humans, it’s a monthly delivered entertainment pack filled with premium toys, treats and chews, sourced just for your dog or cat. In addition, in every box you will find a surprise gift for you, the doting pet owner. Every month, there is a new handpicked selection of products in each Happy Tails Box. Many of the products are specifically imported just for the Happy Tails Box and the contents of each box are carefully sourced, tested and researched.

How it works

Each monthly box contains a combination of 4 to 6 treats, toys, chews and occasional hygiene products that have been hand-selected by working closely with high quality suppliers using top ingredients, strict manufacturing standards and adhering to the strictest safety standards.

Ordering is as simple as a 1-2-3 step process. Free national delivery is included in the price and you can choose a box for your cat or dog (sizes small, medium and large).

Pet owners have the following options for the service:

  • Choose to send a gift (personal/corporate) or trial the box for a month
  • Choose a subscription and let our pet experts do the work (3, 6 or 12 month term)
  • Choose to receive a box specifically for dogs or cats, or the one-box-for-all Custom Option – ideal if you have multiple pets  because you will get items for your cats and dogs in one box

For a good cause

Happy Tails Box has partnered with the Duke and Ginger foundation, an NPC that supports animal shelters in South Africa. So when you buy a Happy Tails Box, a percentage of the profit is donated to a worthy cause – which is where we, TEARS, come in!

Happy Tails Boxes are available exclusively at

For more information visit
or email

Established in 2015, Happy Tails Box was created by a group of passionate entrepreneurs and pet parents. The team strongly believe that life is about sharing and having great experiences. As such, part of life’s experiences should always be shared with animals.

 Go on… try it. Happy Tails Box is an exciting experience for you and your pet-love, while providing great savings and the convenience of monthly delivery automated.

Three cheers for volunteers!


Saturday 5 December is International Volunteer Day. It’s both an important and official day, made so by the United Nations General Assembly in 1985. Its purpose is to recognise the important role played by selfless individuals who give their time and expertise to government projects and civil society organisations around the world. It is also a day to acknowledge and celebrate the way in which they go about changing the world for the better, one pair of hands at a time.

TEARS’ animals and staff, and of course our supporters join us, in sending up three huge cheers for our wonderful volunteers this International Volunteer Day. They have a very special place in our hearts. Their work is an extension of our mission and their place part of the TEARS’ team and family. Their contribution to our organisation is vast.

They tirelessly walk our dogs in all weather, and interact with our cats. Their role is crucial to the success of TEARS’ focus on rehabilitating the animals in our care before placing them in loving homes. Our volunteers carry out home checks, follow-up visits, donate goods and money and collect for us. They even help at functions and pass on some nifty ideas about how we can continue to stay at the cutting-edge of our cause.


Here are a few of our gems’ stories…

Barbara Cunninghame

Barbara (centre), the “mechanic” and heart of TEARS volunteer programme

Barbara (centre), the “mechanic” and heart of TEARS volunteer programme

Barbara (centre), the “mechanic” and heart of TEARS volunteer programme

Volunteering at TEARS has become a big part of my life. On any one day that is spent at the kennels, stories about the dogs unfold. It is quite compulsive to return to see how each story plays out, be it about an adoption, an illness that a dog may have or an interesting behavioural case.

There is nothing more rewarding than winning the trust of an animal who previously has not tolerated contact with a human being. Each dog has a unique personality and getting to know them as individuals and learning how to bring out the best in them, is challenging and immensely rewarding.

I’ve also met other volunteers from all walks of life and very soon good friendships have formed. The common interest in the kennelled dogs is the reason for this. Without a doubt, volunteering at TEARS makes one aware of needs aside from your own.

Gunnar Engbers

Gunnar Engbers and Basil

Gunnar Engbers and Basil

We adopted our two dogs, Bonnie and Clyde, from TEARS. They have enriched our lives enormously and are very precious to us. I feel that they have made me a better human being.

Volunteering to me is essentially about giving something back to an association that does such amazing work with both dogs and cats that do not otherwise have a voice, and in most cases are severely traumatised, neglected, abandoned or abused.

Essentially I see our two dogs in every dog at TEARS. Walking the dogs or helping out with whatever else I can is my little contribution to giving other dogs a better chance at being adopted. It’s not much, but at least for a few hours a week I can do something to bring some joy to them. It’s very rewarding, despite that fact that it can be sad at times because you really just want to see every single one of these amazing dogs find a good forever home and have the life they deserve.

Adrienne Molyneux

Adrienne walking partially paralysed Bubbles, since adopted

Adrienne walking partially paralysed Bubbles, since adopted

There are many reasons why I became a volunteer at TEARS.

In late 2013 I decided to retire from the corporate world, and to take a break from job-hunting until the following year. I was living in Gauteng – had done all my life – with my brother and mom living in Cape Town. When my mom fell critically ill in January 2014, I decided to relocate to Cape Town.

I had every intention of being a retiree, doing nothing much more than enjoying all the Cape had to offer. But I soon itched to get involved in something worthwhile, even if it was not income-bearing.

I grew up with dogs (and snakes, hamsters, budgies, bantams, fish, etc.) and once I moved out of home I adopted two stray cats. I was in love! I have had several generations of cats since those days, and I doubt I will ever be without them.

However, coming to Cape Town has meant sharing accommodation with my brother, and he can put up with my three cats well enough, but has drawn the line at any other pets. I, on the other hand, could have a farmyard full, given the chance.

So my next best option was to get involved with TEARS – both the dogs and the cats. My Sundays are dedicated to dog walking and interaction with the dogs, until about 1pm. Then I move along to the TEARS cattery where I relax and soak up the purrs among the cats, grooming and generally interacting with them.

I can think of few activities that feed the soul more, exercise the body, calm the mind and give back to those who can’t speak for themselves.

It’s even more than this, though. I have met wonderful people: people whose first and last thoughts are for the animals; people who work extraordinary hours because that’s what it takes to see to the animals. I have seen animals rescued literally from the jaws of death, and restored to health and wellness, and re-homed with loving families. I have become aware of just how much barbarity and cruelty still exists among those who dare to call themselves human; but I have also become aware of how much love and caring exists, for the creatures we call pets.

Becoming a TEARS volunteer has been educational in so many ways, but mostly it is immensely fulfilling. My TEARS days are always smileys.

If you would like to become a TEARS volunteer and make a real difference in the world around you, visit VOLUNTEER AT TEARS for more information, or send us a mail at


How to make a kitty hammock

Hammock 1What do you know – cats just love chill’n in hammocks! We know this for a fact because Tracey Collins of PAWS of Hertford County was determined to kit out every kitty kennel with a hammock at the Murfreesboro, NC, shelter (which is North Carolina in the U.S.A.). She not only achieved her goal, but found that the colourful hammocks were a great way to catch the eye of potential adopters.

Happily for us, she’s been kind enough to share the instructions for making these hammocks. So if you’re in the least bit crafty, here’s how to make kitty hammocks that are durable, machine-washable, downright gorgeous and bang on-trend.

Instructions to make 3 hammocks:


92 centimetres of 152 cm-wide fleece

366 centimetres of webbing (you will need 12 x 30 cm-long strips)


  1. Fold the fleece in half, so you have a doubled-over piece that is 46 cm by 152 cm
  2. Cut out six 46cm squares; you will have a few centimetres left over (figure 1)
  3. Cut webbing into a dozen 30 cm strips; use a lighter to burn each end so they don’t fray (figure 2)
  4. Line up your straps – double over a strap to make a 15 cm loop, and place one loop at each corner (figure 3)
  5. Loop should point toward centre, and ends are in corners of fleece (figure 4)
  6. Sandwich each loop between 2 pieces of fleece and pin (figures 5 and 6)
  7. Sew around edges; make sure to go back and forth over the webbing several times
  8. Leave a gap big enough to turn right-side out
  9. Turn right-side out, and zig-zag stich around entire hammock
  10. Use caribiners to hang hammock in the kennel
ham 1

Let us know how your kitty hammock turns out. We’d love to see the pics of your feline just hang’n out and feeling happy.

If you’re a whiz with needle, fabric and thread, our shelter cats would love you forever if you managed to pass a few of these creations their way. Go on, then…

Happy hanging!